Many cold nights were spent in front of the fireplace with soft music and the one you love. There are still lovers in the world, and there are still those who just want to chill sitting in a hot bubble bath with the candles flickering and romancing that special person while listening to love songs.

There are still two music makers who want to romance you with sweet lyrics of Love. CHILI MOST & Z MOST! Infusing the airwaves with innovative mixtures of Ballads, Funk, Rap, making you dance and at the same time feel proud of your neighborhood with “Good N’ The Hood”. They currently lead The International Stop The Violence/N” Love With Love Campaign. After 2500 radio interviews 200 million listeners tune into The Chili Most Show Monday through Friday on WVFG 107.5 FM in Uniontown, Alabama and The Stop The Violence/N’ Love With Love Sermon Series every Sunday.

Chili started performing at the tender age of three. Together with his older Brother “Z Most”, the two of them began singing in church and city choirs in their hometown of Terre Haute, Indiana. At the age of five, Chili and Z performed in school and community talent shows. While growing up in Indiana music wasn’t his only interest. Indiana is known as the basketball capital of the world. Chili, his seven Brothers and one Sister excelled in sports winning five consecutive state titles in football, baseball, track, and basketball.

At the age of ten Chili and Z formed a band. The two began playing concerts, talent shows, and state and county fairs. One year later they began performing on the college circuit throughout the Mid-West. Chili sang lead and background vocals, played lead and bass guitar, drums, and the keyboards.

Chili continued to expand his talents through high school. Having won a basketball scholarship, Chili went on to college in Michigan. His Brother Z relocated to Los Angeles and Chili decided to join his brother in Los Angeles. Wanting very much to return to music one day when they heard the news that ‘The Godfather Of Soul’ James Brown had been arrested for a traffic ticket. Chili and Z saw that now was the moment to go back into the studio. The result was a recording of the Hit titled “Free James Brown”. The Two Brothers led a Free James Brown Campaign helping Mr. Brown to an early release from jail. They approached Al Bell at Bellmark Records and the single became Bellmark’s first release.

Recently he’s written, arranged and produced the last three Hot Hit Singles for Southern Soul Blues Artist The Famous Chuck Strong including “Can I Spend Some Money On You” going Number One on The American Blues Network.

They’ve seen the 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s but don’t get it twisted they’re back in 2017 with a vengeance. With romantic candle lit nights, a fireplace, someone you love, a message of entwinement from “THE BALLAD MEN” the twinkling stars of love will lead your path. They’ve added two former original members of Rose Royce, Victor Nix, on Keyboards and Lequient “Duke” Jobe, the Baddest Bass Player in the industry, Members from Rose Royce Michael Nash on Keyboards and Henri Garner Jr. on Drums, Grammy Award Winner Gerald Albright on Alto Sax, Original Member Andrew Woolfolk from Earth, Wind, and Fire on Alto and Soprano Sax, Jesse Sharp on Alto Sax and Flute, Jammin’ Gemi Taylor and Charles Fearing on Guitars and Engineer Leanard “Of All Time” Jackson.

Z Most can also be heard on “I Love Myself” on the 5 Time Grammy Winner Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp A Butterfly” CD. The “N Love With Love” has a collection of love songs like “Baby Come Back Home”, “Born To Be My Girl”, “Be Your Man”, “Once In A Life Time Love” and “Hose You Down”. 2017 is “The Year Of The Woman” and with GOD’S blessing they’ve written the book “The Queen Mother Of Watts Dr. Sweet Alice Harris” also their New Hot Single “Happy Mother’s Day” is a dedication To All The Mothers Of The World. Look for The Chili & Z Most Sighting soon!

Our Mission


Chili Most and Z Most believe this is an assignment from God and a mission of obedience. The strategic plan for The International Stop The Violence /N" Love With Love Campaign is to raise the awareness of consciousness to this pandemic of senseless killing around the world to cut violence by over 50 percent in the United States, 10 percent worldwide and inspire people to reach their full potential. Since 2012 they've made over 2500 radio appearances, more than 200 million listeners believing the real enemies we face today are Liberation, the lack of Education, Jobs and Poverty. "Stop The Violence/N" Love With Love" is the soundtrack of today changing the Frequency of Killing, Crime, Violence and Fear in the hearts and minds of all people into a Frequency of Love because GOD is Love. Their goal is to break down the barriers of Age, Race, Gender and Religion to Change The Mindset Of Humanity by putting GOD first and including the young people of the world because they're our future and God is the Alpha & Omega.


2018  The Queen Mother Of Watts Dr. Sweet Alice Harris.

2018 Book Author Chili Most Z Most