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Chili Most and Z Most believe this is an assignment from God and a

mission of obedience. The strategic plan for The International Stop

The Violence /N" Love With Love Campaign is to raise the awareness of

consciousness to this pandemic of senseless killing around the world

to cut violence by over 50 percent in the United States, 10 percent

worldwide and inspire people to reach their full potential. Since 2012

they've made over 2500 radio appearances, more than 200 million

listeners believing the real enemies we face today are Liberation, the

lack of Education, Jobs and Poverty. "Stop The Violence/N" Love With

Love" is the soundtrack of today changing the Frequency of Killing,

Crime, Violence and Fear in the hearts and minds of all people into a

Frequency of Love because GOD is Love. Their goal is to break down the

barriers of Age, Race, Gender and Religion to Change The Mindset Of

Humanity by putting GOD first and saving the young people of the world

because they're our future and God is the Alpha & Omega.



The Queen Mother Of Watts Dr. Sweet Alice Harris.

Book Author Chili Most Z Most.


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